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Product Name: Disposable Face Mask

Specification: Ear Loop 18cm x 9.5cm - 3P 50 pcs/box

Model#: HMX-MA05


1)Wear mask to prevent certain microorganisms and particles。

2)Check whether the package is in good condition before use.

3)Check mask conditon, read user instruction and wear the mask properly before use.

4)Replace a new clean ad dry mask after the mask is damaged or damp.

5)Stop using mask if feel bad during wearing.

6)Single use only, do not reuse.

Feature: BFE≥95%,3 layer, Formaldehyde≤20mg/kg,PH value:4.0-8.5,

Inhalation resistance:≤175pa,Expiratory resistance:≤145pa。


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